My Experiences

G'day! I am a proud American-Australian vagabond photographer and writer who decided to leave the corporate world and travel the United States in a caravan. As a minimalist, this nomadic lifestyle provides the daily freedom of living each day as if it were my last. I love traveling between continents and Australia will always be my home base. This year of 2019 has been set to travel America and I hope you enjoy my tales of adventures through the lens of my itchy feet. 


My Community

I frequently am asked questions about minimalism and traveling, so I’ve decided to put questions/answers in my blog for reference to help others who are considering this lifestyle. The cost of living in an apartment or the burden of a 30-year mortgage is enough for some people to consider this lifestyle. I have provided an email link for questions and comments, which I will read daily and address as times permits. This year I will be documenting travels and campgrounds across America, so feel free to leave a question/comment. Your comments will be encouraging and I’ll leave advice.


Join My Journey

I can be reached via the email link provided and on social media. Please leave advice, comments and questions and I’ll be glad to respond. Enjoy the journey with me!